Below are answers to questions we sometimes get here at HockeyRant.com. If you are looking for answers to questions you have about our site, you might find that someone has already asked them.

Copyright.  What Can I Do With The Rants?

HockeyRant.com owns all of the material, including the Rants, that are available on this site. They are free to download anywhere that hearing opinions about hockey is legal in the country and state where they are being downloaded. All content is for personnel use only and remains the property of HockeyRant.com.
Please do not edit or redistribute any of the material found on HockeyRant.com as that would be in violation of our exclusive rights to the material as copyright owners. This includes, but not is not limited to, uploading and downloading the files on a torrent or other file sharing software, or including our material on another webpage.

If you would like to like to include a link on your webpage or on a forum to HockeyRant.com, please do. This sort behavior is allowed and encouraged.
If you would like use any whole or part of the material found on HockeyRant.com for educational purposes such as a school paper or assignment, we consider each proposal on a case to case basis.

RSS Feed.  Subscribe to What?

The RSS Feed at HockeyRant.com allows you to add a 'Live Bookmark' to your browser or RSS Feed reading software. Once you have subscribed to our feed, HockeyRant.com will be added to your 'Bookmarks Toolbar'. This toolbar will updated within the hour of any new Rant posted on our site.
News updates will not appear on this Live Feed unless we at HockeyRant.com feel that something extremely important has occurred that everyone really should know about.
If when you click on the 'Subscribe To This Feed' and you are sent to a strange text document page with gobbly gook (html code), then you are probably using a browser that does not support RSS Feeds and Live Bookmarks. If you want to update your browser and be hip to what the kids are doing these days, follow these links to update your browser of choice.

How Do I Listen To The Rants?

There are a few ways to listen to the Rants here on HockeyRant.com. A simple left click of the title of the Rant will get your browser to open up Windows Media Player, QuickTime or other software to progressively download* and play the mp3 file.
*When a media file (video or audio) is download from the beginning of the file and at the same time starts to play the file. As long as your computer downloads it faster than it's played, you get seamless audio, otherwise it will get jumpy. Further Reading
Another popular way to listen to the Rants is to download them from HockeyRant.com to your computer. This allows the mp3 files to be enjoyed at your leisure, from your computer, your personal mp3 player, CD player (you'll need to burn them to a CD of course), and so on.
To download, simply right click the link and choose 'Save As'. We name our mp3 files in such a way that they are easily sorted and categorized by date (year,month,day), and the topic is clearly stated.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments please contact us by using the address below:

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